Trip to San Jose, Costa Rica - January 2021

Main Travel Takeaways from San Jose, Costa Rica in 2021

  • UBER WORKS PERFECTLY!!!  UBER is technically illegal in Costa Rica but it works just fine.  They have found a workaround and the app works just as good as in the USA.  The wait time is only about a minute longer.  My hotel was 2 miles from the airport and I paid $15 dollars for a taxi plus a $5 tip for a total of $20.  With UBER I paid $10 to go roughly 10 miles or 14 kilos.  If you do the math in your head the way I do its a savings of about 2000%

La Foccacia di Martino at Cariari Plaza.  The Pulpo Pasta was good but the octopus was a little undercooked!!!

                                      Focaccia at La Foccacia di Martino

la bomba farmacia - steroids - costa rica 2021

La Bomba has uniform pricing and is a great place to buy steroids!!!

Costa Rican Tacos at Costa Dulce in Downtown Heredia San Jose, Costa Rica January 2021

Churrasco de EntraƱa at Ines Restaurante formerly History Grill which is now history!!

Medium well and perfectly cooked.  The most flavorful steak EVER!!!  I would travel back to Costa Rica again just to have that Argentinian Steak!!!

testostarona / testosterone steroids costa rica 2021 legal - yes they are legal without a prescription
Yes steroids are legal without a prescription!!!

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